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What to do in Los Cabos

You can rent wave runners at Medano beach in downtown Cabo

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Water Activities in Cabo

If you are in the mood for enjoying the year round pleasant temperature of the ocean waters of Los Cabos, there are a variety of activities that can be arranged for you, no matter what your age, physical condition or budget are, there is always something for you. If you feel like taking it easy you can always enjoy the beach, take a dive in the water, or go on your own snorkeling adventure. You can also try one of the many cruise tours offered where you can go to the arc, watch the whales , hang out with friends and meet new people at a party cruise, or rent you can even rent a ship and go wherever you desire. If you are into sports then there are also tons of activities for you. You can go kayaking and explore the nearby reefs, even bring your snorkeling equipment and take a dive at these reefs and discover all the beautiful underwater life taking place. Or you can join the growing popular sport of surfing or stand up paddling, no matter what your experience level is, there are many spots for surfing that offer different types of waves that are good depending on your skill level (if you are a beginner, you can try Acapuliquito, there are always people learning here). If you like speed and adrenaline you may also try the wave runners where exhilaration is pretty much a guarantee. Or you can purchase some of the many activities offered by locals at the beach, like parasailing, banana boat rides, or even racing on sailboats.

Turtle release and swimming with dolphins are popular activities in Los Cabos for all the people that enjoy nature and animals or have kids that are always fascinated with these experiences.

Here is a list of the most popular water activities offered in Los Cabos:

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Outdoor Activities in Los Cabos

Not every activity has to involve water when you are at Los Cabos. If you feel like staying dry but still have a great time and pump some adrenaline, Los Cabos has what you want, so get ready for an unforgettable experience. The desert offers an ideal terrain for all kinds of off-road activities, from riding highly equipped jeeps and hummers to driving simple ATVs like motorcycles or dune buggies. Hummer tours are offered where you can go deep into the desert and experience its greatness. Discover hidden oases and waterfalls and be simply amazed by the unique beauty you will find. If you feel like letting loose and having some fun speeding through the desert roads with the wind hitting your face and dirt flying off your back wheels as you accelerate, you are in for a treat!. ATVs are offered by many companies. Some offer simple buggies or motorcycles where you can go and play around the desert areas, race with friends, drive through obstacles and make the sand fly around. Now, if you want to do it like the pros, you can contact companies that offer off-road cars that are made specifically for running the Baja 1000 race. If you crave a pure adrenaline rush, you might want to check out the Bungee or zip line (canopy) activities that some companies offer, where you can feel the danger and excitement of having your life hanging by a thread, or in this case a very safe steel cable. Either way, we assure you will feel that awesome feeling in your stomach you get when free falling. Speaking of free falling, skydiving is also a popular activity that is offered by professionals that have years of experience.

But not everything has to be extreme in the desert. Peaceful options are available, like going on a nice horseback ride led by experienced guides that will be with you along the way. If you are up to experiencing nature in a more natural way, then try hiking through the desert with expert guides that will lead you through and make you fully appreciate the desert’s beauty. Now, if you like mountain biking, be sure to try it here! You can exercise and tour the city and desert while enjoying the astonishing views that only Los Cabos can offer. Air tours are also offered if you are a fan of seeing places from high above, where you can really appreciate the entire landscape. Other activities like go-karts and paintball are also available for those who want to try something different for a day.

These are the most popular non-water outdoor activities offered in Los Cabos:

Cabo's Cultural Activities

Los Cabos is a touristic place where loads of fun and exciting activities are offered. But for those who are delighted with culture and want to get a deeper understanding for the places they visit, there are also options here. You can take a City Tour through the colonial town of San Jose del Cabo and visit the downtown plaza which is surrounded by shops and restaurants and visit the “Misión de San Jose” which is the church located next to the downtown plaza. These city tours will tell you about the history of Los Cabos so you can learn a bit more about its people and the way things are done around here. Another option is to book a tour around the magical town of Todos Santos where you can enjoy a delicious organic snack and walk through mango, papaya, avocado and cactus fields. Visit the different museums in Los Cabos or take the famous “Art Walk” in San Jose del Cabo, where you will discover great pieces of art, from local crafts to some of the finest pieces available. The art walk is a great opportunity to discover unique pieces of that will steal your heart at first sight. On weekends, it’s worthwhile to stop in at the organic market (either in San Jose or San Lucas, but there’s also a small one at the Shoppes at Palmilla). Amid the tasty snacks and fresh produce, you’ll find a wealth of handmade products that will delight your senses. Handmade and vintage clothing re-imagined for the Baja sunshine, delicately scented soaps made from natural ingredients, even infused oils and spices for cooking. You never know exactly what you’ll find at the organic market, but you’re sure to discover something good for your body and good for the Earth.

Here are some ideas for cultural activities in Los Cabos:


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